China high quality Polishing +/-0.005 Chain Sprocket Kit for CD 70 Machining Parts mini air compressor

High-Quality Polishing +/-0.005 Chain Sprocket Kit for CD 70 Machining Parts

China High-Quality Polishing +/-0.005 Chain Sprocket Kit for CD 70 Machining Parts

Product Description

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Specializing in the precision machining of diverse material components for a plethora of applications, including:

  • Automation/Robotics
  • Aerospace Applications/Defense
  • Auto parts, 3C automation equipment
  • Engineering machinery
  • Medical, food, new energy battery equipment
  • Instrumentation, precision instruments, hardware tools

Our advanced automation and innovative manufacturing techniques ensure the production of superior quality products, delivered punctually at the most economical costs.

Materials and Processing

Our machining capabilities extend across a variety of alloys and materials, such as:

  • Aluminum, steel, copper, brass, titanium, stainless steel (304, 303, 316L)
  • Carbon steel, D2 steel, POM, PC, ABS, PVC, PPE and other plastics

Metal Processing: CNC turning, milling, drilling, planing, grinding, welding…

Finish: Galvanized (No Cr3 RoHS or Cr6), Chrome/Nickel, Hot Dip Galvanized, Painted, Anodized, Powder Coated, Brushed, Polished.

Comprehensive Machining Solutions

We offer a holistic solution for your engineering needs, integrating secondary operations such as heat treatment, assembly, anodizing, painting, chemical blackening, and laser cutting. By utilizing our in-house machinery and trusted suppliers, we consolidate operations under one roof, significantly streamlining the procurement process and saving time.

Whether you require CNC milling, CNC turning, laser cutting, or surface grinding, our flexible operations can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Additional Product Offerings

EVER-POWER GROUP is a distinguished supplier of a wide array of industrial products, including agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, and bushings. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices, complemented by exemplary customer service.

Customers are encouraged to customize drawings and samples to meet their specific needs.


1. Are you a direct manufacturer?

Yes, we have been directly manufacturing since 2008 and can offer video consultations via WeChat, WhatsApp, and Messenger to showcase our plant.

2. How do you guarantee quality?

We conduct pre-production samples, final inspections before shipment, and full inspections to ensure quality.

3. What services/products do you provide?

We offer ODM & OEM services, including mold design, machining, fabrication, surface treatment, assembly, and shipping for various hardware parts.

4. What makes your company stand out from other suppliers?

We have over 20 years of technical experience, offer competitive prices, maintain high precision tolerances, welcome small orders, and provide comprehensive one-stop services.

5. What is the typical lead time?

Lead time depends on the order quantity, generally ranging from 7 to 20 days post-confirmation.

QD Sprocket

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Performance Characteristics of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets are renowned for their precision, durability, and versatility. Below, we examine the key performance characteristics of QD sprockets and detail how each contributes to its functionality:

Precision Engineering

The design and manufacturing processes of QD sprockets ensure tight tolerances and accurate dimensions, which are crucial for smooth operation and reduced wear.


Constructed from high-quality materials, QD sprockets are built to withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring a long service life and reliable performance.


QD sprockets are designed to fit a wide range of machinery and can be easily adapted to different applications, making them an ideal choice for various industries.

Types and Characteristics of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets come in various types, each with unique characteristics tailored to specific applications:

Standard QD Sprockets

These sprockets are designed for general-purpose applications and are made from robust materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

Split QD Sprockets

Split QD sprockets are designed for ease of installation and removal, minimizing downtime during maintenance.

Hardened QD Sprockets

Featuring hardened surfaces, these sprockets offer enhanced wear resistance and are ideal for high-stress environments.

Material Advantages of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets are manufactured from various materials, each offering distinct advantages:


Steel sprockets are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sprockets offer corrosion resistance, making them ideal for use in environments where moisture and chemicals are present.


Aluminum sprockets are lightweight and provide excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for applications where weight is a concern.

Applications of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets find applications across various industries due to their versatility and reliability:

Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery

In manufacturing and industrial machinery, QD sprockets ensure efficient power transmission and smooth operation, contributing to overall productivity.

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery benefits from the robust construction of QD sprockets, which can handle the demanding conditions of agricultural operations.

Construction Equipment

In construction equipment, QD sprockets provide reliable performance, reducing maintenance needs and downtime.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry relies on QD sprockets made from corrosion-resistant materials to maintain hygiene standards and ensure smooth operation.

Mining and Quarrying

In mining and quarrying, the durability and strength of QD sprockets are essential for handling the heavy loads and abrasive conditions.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities

The future of QD sprocket products looks promising, with several trends and opportunities shaping the industry:

Advancements in Material Science

Ongoing advancements in material science will lead to the development of even more durable and efficient sprockets, enhancing performance and extending service life.

Integration with Smart Technologies

The integration of smart technologies, such as IoT and predictive maintenance, will improve the monitoring and management of QD sprocket performance, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency.

Customization and Innovation

Increased demand for customized solutions will drive innovation in QD sprocket design and manufacturing, allowing for tailored products that meet specific application requirements.

How to Choose a Suitable QD Sprocket

Choosing the right QD sprocket involves several considerations:

Clear Requirements

Identify the specific requirements of your application, including the load, speed, and environmental conditions.

Material Selection

Select a material that offers the necessary strength, durability, and corrosion resistance for your application.

Design Optimization

Optimize the design of the sprocket to ensure it meets performance requirements while minimizing costs.

Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Choose a reputable supplier that offers reliable after-sales service and support.


Consider the total cost of ownership, including initial purchase price, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Quality Control

Ensure the sprocket meets quality standards through rigorous testing and inspection processes.


QD sprockets are essential components in various industries, offering precision, durability, and versatility. By understanding their performance characteristics, types, material advantages, and applications, businesses can make informed decisions when selecting QD sprockets. Future trends and opportunities indicate continued advancements in sprocket technology, promising even greater efficiency and reliability. By carefully considering requirements, material selection, design optimization, supplier reputation, cost-effectiveness, and quality control, businesses can choose the most suitable QD sprocket for their needs.

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