China Good quality Good Quality Cast Iron Taper Lock Bush Quickly Fixes to The Drive Shaft and Sprockets air compressor portable

China Good Quality Cast Iron Taper Lock Bush – Comprehensive Product Guide

China Good Quality Cast Iron Taper Lock Bush – Comprehensive Product Guide

Product Description

Our high-quality cast iron taper lock bushes provide an efficient solution for quick fixes to drive shafts and sprockets. These components are essential in various mechanical applications, especially in portable air compressors.

Product Name Taper Bush Model 1008-5050, 6050-12100
Brand Mighty Material Cast Iron GG22-GG25, Steel C45
Surface Treatment Blank, Phosphated, Black QD Bushing Model H/JA/SH/SDS/SD/SK/SF/E/F/J/M/N/P/W/S, G/H/P1/P2/P3/B/Q1/Q2/Q3/R1/R2/S1/S2/U0/U1/U2/W1/W2/Y0


  • The simple design allows for easy maintenance; it’s a straightforward easy-on, easy-off process.
  • Machined to high precise tolerance.
  • A full range of both metric and imperial sizes taper bushes are available.
  • Complete short reach range available for compact lightweight assemblies.

Taper Bush Specifications:

  • Model: 1008-5050, 6050-12100
  • Material: High-grade cast iron GG22-GG25; Steel C45
  • Surface Treatment: Blank, Phosphated, Black finished

QD Bushing Specifications:

  • Model: H/JA/SH/SDS/SD/SK/SF/E/F/J/M/N/P/W/S, G/H/P1/P2/P3/B/Q1/Q2/Q3/R1/R2/S1/S2/U0/U1/U2/W1/W2/Y0
  • Material: Cast iron GG25, Steel
  • Surface Treatment: Blank, Phosphated, Black finished

Other Product Offerings

EVER-POWER GROUP specializes in supplying a wide range of industrial products, including:

  • Agricultural gearboxes
  • Power output shafts
  • Sprockets
  • Fluid couplings
  • Worm gear reducers
  • Gears and racks
  • Roller chains
  • Pulleys and pulleys
  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Timing pulleys
  • Bushings

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at preferential prices, coupled with considerate services. Customization based on drawings and samples is warmly welcomed.


  1. What materials are used for the taper bushes?
    Our taper bushes are made from high-grade cast iron GG22-GG25 and steel C45.
  2. What surface treatments are available for these products?
    The surface treatments available are blank, phosphated, and black finished.
  3. Can I get both metric and imperial sizes?
    Yes, a full range of both metric and imperial sizes are available for our taper bushes.
  4. What other products does EVER-POWER GROUP offer?
    We offer a variety of industrial products including agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, and more.
  5. Is customization available?
    Yes, customers are welcome to customize products based on their drawings and samples.

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Introduction to the Performance Characteristics of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets, known for their efficiency and reliability, are essential components in various mechanical systems. Below are the key performance characteristics:

High Precision Machining

QD sprockets undergo high precision machining to ensure tight tolerances and smooth operation. This precision minimizes wear and tear, extends the lifespan of the sprocket, and ensures consistent performance.

Easy Installation and Removal

The design of QD sprockets allows for straightforward installation and removal. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintenance situations where downtime needs to be minimized.


Manufactured from high-grade materials such as cast iron and steel, QD sprockets exhibit excellent durability and can withstand harsh working conditions.


QD sprockets are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

Types and Characteristics of QD Sprocket

QD sprockets come in several types, each designed to meet specific requirements:

Standard QD Sprockets

These are the most commonly used type and are suitable for general applications. They offer a good balance between cost and performance.

Heavy-Duty QD Sprockets

Designed for more demanding applications, heavy-duty QD sprockets are made from stronger materials and feature reinforced construction.

Corrosion-Resistant QD Sprockets

These sprockets are treated with special coatings to resist corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Advantages of QD Sprocket Made of Different Materials

The material composition of QD sprockets plays a crucial role in their performance:

Cast Iron QD Sprockets

Cast iron sprockets are known for their excellent wear resistance and ability to handle heavy loads. They are commonly used in industrial applications.

Steel QD Sprockets

Steel sprockets offer superior strength and durability compared to cast iron. They are ideal for high-stress applications where reliability is critical.

Applications of QD Sprocket in Various Fields

QD sprockets are indispensable in many industries:

Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery

In manufacturing and industrial machinery, QD sprockets ensure precise motion control and efficient power transmission, leading to higher productivity.

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery relies on QD sprockets for reliable operation in field conditions, contributing to efficient farming practices.

Construction Equipment

QD sprockets in construction equipment provide the necessary power and durability to handle heavy construction tasks.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, QD sprockets are used in processing and packaging machinery, where hygiene and precision are paramount.

Mining and Quarrying

Mining and quarrying operations benefit from the robustness and reliability of QD sprockets, which are essential for material handling and processing.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities for QD Sprocket Products

The future of QD sprockets looks promising with several development trends and opportunities:

Integration with Advanced Technologies

The integration of advanced technologies such as IoT and smart sensors can enhance the performance and monitoring of QD sprockets.

Improved Materials and Coatings

Research into new materials and coatings can lead to the development of even more durable and efficient QD sprockets.

Expansion into Emerging Markets

There is significant potential for growth in emerging markets where industrialization is rapidly progressing.

Customization and Specialized Solutions

Providing customized and specialized QD sprocket solutions can cater to specific industry needs, offering a competitive edge.

How to Choose a Suitable QD Sprocket

Choosing the right QD sprocket involves several considerations:

Clear Requirements

Identify your specific needs, including the application, load requirements, and environmental conditions.

Material Selection

Choose the appropriate material based on the operating conditions and required durability.

Design Optimization

Consider the design features that will enhance performance and ease of maintenance.

Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Select a reputable supplier who offers reliable after-sales support and warranty services.


Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the QD sprocket, balancing price with performance and longevity.

Quality Control

Ensure that the QD sprockets meet stringent quality control standards for consistent performance.


QD sprockets are versatile and essential components in various industries, offering high precision, durability, and ease of maintenance. Understanding the types, materials, applications, and future trends of QD sprockets can help in making an informed selection. By considering specific requirements, material properties, design features, and supplier reliability, one can choose the most suitable QD sprocket for their application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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