China best Stainless Steel Plastic Roller Chain Gear Platewheel Engineer Class Agricultural Pintle Cast Iron Weld on Hub Finished Bore Idler Bushing Taper Lock Qd Sprocket

Product Description

Stainless Steel Plastic Roller Chain Gear Platewheel Engineer Class Agricultural Pintle Cast Iron Weld On Hub Finished Bore Idler Bushing Taper Lock Qd Sprocket

Product Description


European standard sprockets

DIN stock bore sprockets & plateheels

03B-1 04B-1 05B-1-2 06B-1-2-3 081B-1 083B-1/084B-1 085B-1 086B-1 08B-1-2-3 10B-1-2-3 12B-1-2-3 16B-1-2-3 20B-1-2-3 24B-1-2-3
28B-1-2-3 32B-1-2-3

03A-1 04A-1 05A-1-2 06A-1-2-3 081A-1 083A-1/084A-1 085A-1 086A-1 08A-1-2-3 10A-1-2-3 12A-1-2-3 16A-1-2-3 20A-1-2-3 24A-1-2-3
28A-1-2-3 32A-1-2-3

DIN finished bore sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1 20B-1

stainless steel sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1

taper bore sprockets

3/8″×7/32″ 1/2″×5/16″ 5/8″×3/8″ 3/4″×7/16″ 1″×17.02mm 1 1/4″×3/4″

cast iron sprockets

06B-1-2-3 081B-1 083B-1/084B-1 085B-1 086B-1 08B-1-2-3 10B-1-2-3 12B-1-2-3 16B-1-2-3 20B-1-2-3 24B-1-2-3

platewheels for conveyor chain

20×16mm 30×17.02mm P50 P75 P100

table top wheels


idler sprockets with ball bearing

8×1/8″ 3/8″×7/32″ 1/2″×1/8″ 1/2″×3/16″ 1/2″×5/16″ 5/8″×3/8″ 5/8″×3/8″ 5/8″×3/8″ 3/4″×7/16″ 3/4″×7/16″ 1″×17.02mm 1 1/4″×3/4″

double simplex sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1

American standard sprockets

ASA stock bore sprockets

-2 35-3 -2 40-3 50 50-2-50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80-80-2 80-3 100 100-2 100-3 120 120-2 120-3 140 140-2 160 160-2 180 200
200-2 240

finished bore sprockets

stainless steel sprockets


double single sprockets&single type Csprockets

taper bore sprockets

35 35-2 -2 50 50-2 60 60-2 80 80-2

double pitch sprockets

2040/2042 2050/2052 2060/2062 2080/2082

sprockets with split taper bushings

40-2 40-3 50 50-2 50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80 80-2 80-3 100 100-2 120 120-2

sprockets with QD bushings

35 35-1 35-2 -2 40-3 50 50-2 50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80 80-2 80-3 100 100-2 100-3

Japan standard sprockets

JIS stock sprockets

140 160

finished bore sprockets

FB25B FB35B FB40B FB50B FB60B FB80B FB100B FB120B

double single sprockets

40SD 50SD 60SD 80SD 100SD

double pitch sprockets

speed-ratio sprockets

C3B9N C3B10N C4B10N C4B11 C4B12 C5B10N C5B11 C5B12N C6B10N C6B11 C6B12

idler sprockets

35BB20H 40BB17H 40BB18H 50BB15H 50BB17H 60BB13H 60BB15H 80BB12H

table top sprockets


Material available

Low carbon steel, C45, 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, 40Cr, stainless steel. Can be adapted regarding customer requirements.

Surface treatment

Blacking, galvanization, chroming, electrophoresis, color painting, …

Heat treatment

High frequency quenching heat treatment, hardened teeth, carbonizing, nitride, …

Customization process
1.Provide documentation:CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF,3D model ,STEP, IGS, PRT

2.Quote:We will give you the best price within 24 hours

3.Place an order:Confirm the cooperation details and CZPT the contract, and provide the labeling service

4.Processing and customization:Short delivery time

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Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Motorcycle, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Rolling Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear
Material: Stainless Steel


Customized Request

qd sprocket

How do I properly install and remove QD sprockets from a shaft?

Proper installation and removal of QD (Quick Detachable) sprockets are crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient power transmission. Follow these steps for both installation and removal:


  1. Inspect the Shaft: Before installing a QD sprocket, ensure that the shaft is clean, free from any debris, and has the correct dimensions to match the sprocket’s bore size.
  2. Check the QD Bushing: Verify that the QD bushing is in good condition, and the tapered surfaces are clean and free from any damage. Lubricate the bushing if required.
  3. Position the Sprocket: Place the QD sprocket onto the bushing, ensuring that it fits snugly. Align the sprocket on the shaft according to the desired location.
  4. Hand-Tighten the Bolts: Hand-tighten the set screws on the sprocket to secure it in place on the bushing. Make sure the sprocket is aligned with other components in the drive system.
  5. Use a Torque Wrench: Using a torque wrench, tighten the set screws to the manufacturer’s recommended torque value. This ensures proper clamping force without damaging the components.
  6. Recheck Alignment: After tightening the set screws, recheck the alignment of the sprocket and other drive components. Adjust if necessary.


  1. Loosen the Set Screws: To remove the QD sprocket, first, loosen the set screws using the appropriate tools or wrench. Loosen them gradually and evenly to avoid any sudden movements.
  2. Use a Puller (Optional): Depending on the tightness of the fit, you may need a sprocket puller or a jaw puller to aid in the removal process.
  3. Tap the Sprocket: Gently tap the backside of the sprocket using a soft-faced hammer to disengage it from the bushing.
  4. Slide the Sprocket Off: Slowly slide the sprocket off the QD bushing while supporting the sprocket’s weight with your other hand.
  5. Inspect Components: Inspect both the sprocket and the QD bushing for any signs of wear, damage, or deformation. Replace any damaged components before reinstallation.

By following these steps, you can ensure proper installation and removal of QD sprockets, which will help maintain the efficiency and reliability of your power transmission system.

qd sprocket

What are the environmental impacts of QD sprocket manufacturing?

The environmental impacts of QD sprocket manufacturing can vary depending on the materials used, manufacturing processes, and waste management practices. Some of the potential environmental impacts include:

  • Resource Consumption: The extraction and processing of raw materials to manufacture QD sprockets can deplete natural resources and energy.
  • Emissions: Manufacturing processes, such as casting or machining, can release greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other air pollutants.
  • Waste Generation: Manufacturing operations may generate waste materials, such as metal shavings or scraps, which require proper disposal or recycling to minimize environmental impact.
  • Water and Energy Use: Water is often used in industrial processes, and energy consumption during manufacturing contributes to carbon emissions.
  • Chemical Usage: Certain manufacturing processes may involve the use of chemicals, which could pose risks if not properly managed.
  • Transportation: Shipping raw materials and finished products can result in emissions from transportation vehicles.

To mitigate the environmental impacts, manufacturers can implement sustainable practices such as:

  • Using eco-friendly materials and recycled content where possible.
  • Implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and technologies.
  • Optimizing waste management and recycling efforts to reduce landfill waste.
  • Adhering to environmental regulations and obtaining certifications for eco-friendly practices.
  • Investing in research and development for greener materials and processes.

Additionally, consumers and businesses can contribute to sustainability efforts by choosing products from manufacturers with environmentally responsible practices and properly recycling or disposing of end-of-life products.

qd sprocket

What are the common applications of QD sprockets in various industries?

QD (Quick Detachable) sprockets find extensive use in a wide range of industries due to their quick and easy installation and removal capabilities. Some common applications of QD sprockets include:

  • Manufacturing Industry: QD sprockets are used in various manufacturing processes that involve power transmission through chains or belts. They are commonly found in assembly lines, conveyor systems, and material handling equipment.
  • Agriculture: QD sprockets are employed in agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, tractors, and irrigation systems for tasks like crop harvesting, planting, and grain transportation.
  • Mining: In the mining industry, QD sprockets are utilized in conveyor systems for transporting heavy materials and ores from one location to another, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Construction: Construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes often use QD sprockets in their power transmission systems to perform various tasks on construction sites.
  • Food Processing: QD sprockets are utilized in food processing and packaging conveyors, where they facilitate the movement of products during processing and packaging stages.
  • Oil and Gas: QD sprockets are used in oil and gas exploration and production equipment, providing reliable power transmission in harsh environments.
  • Automotive: QD sprockets are employed in automotive applications, including timing chains in engines and power transmission systems in vehicles.
  • Textile Industry: Textile machinery like spinning machines and looms use QD sprockets for efficient power transmission in the manufacturing of textiles.
  • Woodworking: QD sprockets are found in woodworking machinery such as saws and planers, where they help in cutting and shaping wood products.
  • Packaging and Material Handling: QD sprockets are used in packaging and material handling systems to ensure smooth and reliable movement of products during packaging and distribution.

The versatility and reliability of QD sprockets make them indispensable in numerous industries, contributing to the smooth and efficient operation of various machinery and equipment.

China best Stainless Steel Plastic Roller Chain Gear Platewheel Engineer Class Agricultural Pintle Cast Iron Weld on Hub Finished Bore Idler Bushing Taper Lock Qd Sprocket  China best Stainless Steel Plastic Roller Chain Gear Platewheel Engineer Class Agricultural Pintle Cast Iron Weld on Hub Finished Bore Idler Bushing Taper Lock Qd Sprocket
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